Open House Event

Open House Information Table

Open House Information Table

The Pain Alleviation and Trauma Healing (PATH) clinic open house was an outstanding success. Representatives from key veterans’ organizations in the Greater Pittsburgh area as well as other healthcare entities were in attendance. We would especially like to thank Shepherd’s Heart and LIFE Pittsburgh for coming to the open house. Additional items were donated by UnitedHealthcare.

Most importantly, several local veterans and residents from the Hilltop area came to see what the clinic had to offer. Attendees saw demonstrations of the AcuGraph® and K-Laser® equipment.

Torsten Ove of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was also present. Mr. Ove is working on an exciting new project that will feature stories of physically injured veterans. Please contact Dr. Finnell if you have any interest or know of a veteran who would like to share his or her story.

The PATH clinic is open to veterans and non-veterans alike. Please call 412-431-3520 to make an appointment.

Acupuncture Near Top of Treatments for Low Back Pain

Acupuncture is at or near the top of the list when it comes to treating low back pain, according to a recent study done by the Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ). The Acupuncture Now Foundation reported these findings in their August 2, 2016 blog post.

As our country continues to combat the opioid crisis, non-drug treatments become more and more important to prevent overdose and addiction.

The Pain Alleviation and Trauma Healing (PATH) clinic offers acupuncture and laser therapy for low back pain and other painful conditions. Call 412-431-3520 for an appointment.

Open House

The Pain Alleviation and Trauma Healing (PATH) clinic will host an open house on Friday, August 26th from 1:00-5:00 PM at Hilltop Community Health Center; 151 Ruth St.; Pittsburgh, PA 15211. The clinic is located within the old South Hills High School.

Please download the flyer for more information.

PATH Clinic Open House Flyer

PATH Clinic Is Open

The Pain Alleviation and Trauma Healing Clinic (PATH) opened its doors today (August 17, 2016) at Hilltop Community Health Center.

Here are some photos of our set up. The room is spacious, the table comfortable, and the setting relaxing. The photo on the left shows our AcuGraph® graphic station and K-Laser Cube3. The right side photo shows our large, comfortable exam table and posters.

Call 412-431-3520 for an appointment!